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6 Apr 2016
Emperor Penguin Migration

Each year the Emperor Penguin follows an extended, hard, migration road to a spot in Antarctica from their normal home through the edge of the water. Edge in the game because through the fall Emperor Penguins mate and the female lays an egg. The main reason they migrate inland far from water is really that when the egg hatches you will see more ice beneath the newborn penguin's feet and far less possibility of it falling through into the ocean.

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When the female penguin lays the egg she is exhausted from all the work and requirements to go away to go back to the ocean to get something to consume. The father takes the egg and keeps it warm all winter while the mother is feeding in the distant ocean.

At the begining of spring the egg will hatch and also the mother will return. The starving father who hasn't eaten for around 4 months will go back to the ocean to secure. The mother will stay with all the chick for a time then leave to go back to the ocean again. This time around the young penguin will probably be left alone.

In the event it grows it's swimming feathers it too goes for the ocean to feed. Then someday it's going to stick to the same migration route that it's parents followed which Emperor Penguins happen to be following for countless generations.

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